Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Granola that will not clump....

is sometimes the picture of my life. Maybe I stir too often and do not allow it proper clumpifying time? The ingredients are all there. Properly. In right proportion even. Added in order. Without drama. Mostly.

Except for the occasional add in that gets tossed in. Sounded fun at the time. End results though do not show a bite size beautifully clumped granola. Instead, the tiniest pieces do not complement, but choose to annoy, sticking in my teeth like sand.

The largest pieces of pecans, almonds, and craisins stand out, glaring at me, for they do not have any morsels attached to them in sweet asymmetry. There is no crunch in a bite missing variety.

Practice, attention to details and trust that clumped granola will happen. Adjustments here, there, as needed. Counsel of other granola making friends. Research, tinkering, desire to put the pieces together rightly.

End results will occur giving a bite of satisfaction. The picture of my life will be asymmetrical, beautifully clumped together granola.


  1. Okay...this is an allegory, right?

  2. can't leave us just hanging like this. What happened to the granola?