Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Days of yesterday...

remind me of the mountain that man could not touch. The holiness of God separated from us because of our murmuring.

The boys seemed to have inhaled the malaise of Monday. My plea for gentle caring dissolved into battle after battle to keep focus. On school, on chores, on tasks. Forgotten was the truth that what we deserve and what we receive are the east from the west.

So I preached the gospel to them. In loud tones, yes, but in tones of great entreaty that they would listen and hear, that they would remember and consider. Not one of us deserved the things they were complaining about receiving in abundance. The trash yawned to receive their cast off.

I preached the news that our faithlessness did not send Jesus to the cross but His faithfulness did. They listened differently. Shuttered eyes flew open at the thought that He is larger and greater. Not a new message but one newly received on a Monday of malaise.

A meal they did not want placed in front of them now gratefully consumed. For His choice to love us because He chose to love us was in their chewing. A reminder that strength to do and to live is in His generosity was swallowed down silently.

Sweetness returned. Focus resumed. Malaise now gone. The mountain brought near through a reconciling Jesus.

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