Monday, December 13, 2010

Today was a challenge....

from the moment I awoke. Maybe it was meds taken a bit late the night before or maybe it was too many thoughts racing for first place, either way, though the sleep was sound in memory, my body felt restless from the first footstep.

Boys had forgotten to set alarm clocks so breakfast ran late. Husband had to leave before the coffee was made and then I almost forgot to do it myself. Quick and easy french toast was on the menu but I jumped ahead in the recipe and melted the butter when it shouldn't have been. It was all salvaged but a little bit off. Leftover bread graduated to become tomorrow's bread crumbs.

School started late from all the aforesaid events which may explain why attitudes kicked in early. Schedules work for us around here and I'm sure there is something criticize-able about our lack of adaptation when the schedule is upset. I'll find it later during my guilt therapy session.

Lunch was late. Are you seeing the pattern here? Which meant that my return to resting ran late which meant....oh, forget it. The point is that the first step wrong this morning had an avalanche effect well into our afternoon.

What do you do about it? Well, I sent everybody off to think and ponder and I went to pray. Quietly and thoroughly. The Lord turned my heart upon itself in conviction and repentance and then turned it to those who are truly hurting during these days and not only inconvenienced because the morning didn't go as planned.

Once again perspective steps in with its two by four. Welcomed even, because the Lord is good to keep His children from living as though each day were only all about herself. Starting over at 4:00 in the afternoon is possible when the heart has been restored by His Word.


  1. I have to remember to give myself time outs when things go not as planned...
    Blessings on the rest of your week.


    This post put everything into perspective for me.

  3. "Once again perspective steps in with its two by four." I love that. Everything you wrote was a reminder for me to change my expectations if I can't change my situation.