Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Normally, I would feel....

pressure to post something about Christmas in these last few days before the Big Day. All right, that's only partially true, I'm not usually one to feel that much pressure from the populace. That's why I'm willing to go rogue and not make my choices out of a hive mind complex. Resistance is futile.

Um, I don't think so.

That and my feet smell like garlic. I've taken up with Vitafamiliae's infection cure all. The stuff in my chest not only doesn't feel like Christmas, but it's a February type pain for certain. I called LL the other day and had her describe to me the treatment. I'm trying it because it can't hurt, no contraindications worries there, and it keeps the vamps away too. If I believed in those enough to read their books.

After last night's treatment, I did sleep much better. I skipped the Vicks though because the combined odors of Icy Hot, Vicks and smashed garlic just seemed like a combustible trio waiting to happen. No one has suffocated yet and the upside has been the cats are choosing to sleep in the boys' rooms on their beds. All sorts of perks to snake oil fixes.

My nod to Christmas in this post is that the tree is up, food is done, presents are wrapped and I have new Christmas music on my iPod. That's a combination good enough for me this year. No pressures but great delight that those who know His gift are enjoying His gift without having to wear it out in blog posts.

Holly Jolly, people. The Lord is good on December 26th as well. Write it down.


  1. Love it! "The Lord is good on December 26th as well" Garlic huh? Well I do hope it works.

  2. Yes, it isn't the most sexy cure-all, but if it keeps the cats away, that's good stuff. :-) Hope you feel better soon!