Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas cards are my....

favorite thing to receive as gifts of news from families and friends. I just finished opening no less than a dozen cards. I savored each one. I don't even mind the Christmas letter. I'm a newsy type writer myself and willing to suspend disbelief that your 8 year old has been accepted to Harvard. With such an attitude towards cards, I should be joannie-on-the-spot with sending them out.

But I am not.

Year after year I lament what will I do regarding Christmas cards. I've done the newsletter. And managed to get them out by New Year's. I've done the picture card by itself. And then end up adding a bunch of handwritten sheets because I feel duty bound to include a personal note with each card. And I've done the picture plus newsletter. And then tried not to feel stress about the extra postage cost.

This year I made a compromise via technology. I sent out through my email a Smilebox creation. I chose the 3 pictures at the top of a newsletter choice. It was easy to make and was free. However, Smilebox needs to know that their viewing screen is waaaaaay too tiny for some of the actual writing and doesn't expand for your viewers to see as clearly as possible when received. I received a great deal of feedback on the need to squint factor.

Since Smilebox is probably not reading my blog, that's just some helpful info for you if there are any procrastinators of the Christmas greeting presently here. My friend who used Smilebox for a picture and card greeting did not have those issues. Hers came through without any viewing trouble.

But I've got friends and family who don't use email as a primary mode of communication so for those I have the printing out option of the Smilebox creation that can then be mailed. That was all this year's plan. Who knows what I'll choose next year.

Of course, in full disclosure, I'm running a tad bit late on that whole printing and mailing option. I wouldn't want to break with my current traditions. 

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