Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving #30...

The last day of our daily Thanksgiving posts for the month is here. Rebecca Writes hosted this project and I am thankful for her attention to such a worthwhile daily spiritual discipline. Knowing about halfway through the month that I would have to have back surgery had me struggling with the idea of thankful thoughts. I was not thankful at the time that I would need back surgery.

However. The exercise of thinking daily of the small and large things that the Lord provides in His providence, in the ordination of all events whether affliction or blessing, is a necessary one for the believer. Nothing comes to us that does not have His hand upon it. That alone requires our humble thanks.

Today I was thankful for my first long walk outside. Weather alerts are predicting that my area is going to receive a great pounding of a storm so it was nice to be outside in the fresh air before the storm arrives.


  1. A long walk outside sounds like real progress; hope it felt good and had no side effects!

    Probably one of my most frequent reminders to myself is that "nothing comes to us that does not have His hand upon it." It settles my heart and causes me to bow to His will.

  2. May God grant you a great recovery and overflowing joy through all circumstances.

    Grace upon Grace to you!

  3. Just caught up with your blog post over the last month - You've been bumped up to the top of my prayer list:

    Lord, please give Elle restful sleep. Please relieve her pain and heal her body. Through every experience and every encounter, let your will be done. Thank you for the blessings in her life, the people, the doctors and your mercy and grace. Amen

  4. I pray God's blessing and mercy and grace will abound to you-as he leads you through this trial. And I pray for a full recovery as you heal.

  5. Thankful for your thankfulness and the encouragement and challenge your testimony of gratitude inspires in me...