Friday, November 19, 2010

Thanksgiving #19....

I am thankful for the public library systems. The boys are gathering their many library books this morning and will be going with my Mom to the library for the bi-monthly turn in and check out party. They read an amazing amount of books in a two week period and very few books are renewed. There is no way that we could afford to purchase the number of books that they read in a month making the library a financial blessing as well.

I remember going to the library with my mom when I was a child and being continually amazed that I could freely check out all of these books. I think our limit was something like 50 books. And we filled our limit every time.

I like to see the look on the boys' faces each library visit as they enjoy walking through the stacks and making multiple choices. We do not have to use the library for internet connections but I appreciate that such a resource is also available.

I'm also thankful for the number of helpful librarians we have been blessed with over the years. They listen to my concerns over children's literature and help me to find appropriately interesting and challenging books for the boys.

While not a perfect system, I am thankful for the opportunities that our public library system affords us.


  1. I too am thankful for the public library. In fact, I better check and see if we have books due tomorrow...

    (Visiting via Rebecca's)

  2. Me too! I just ordered another 40 to correspond with our curriculum for the next couple of weeks. I don't know how people homeschool without a great library system.

  3. Yes! Thanks for reminder: I don't think I've thanked God for our library.