Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ruthless is here to play...

because I've been tagged back on the Crazy Eights Meme. Tree Climbing Adventures has started a craze. This set of questions is from Jules. She knows where I live so I'd better behave and answer appropriately.

1.  The worst Christmas gift you’ve ever received: a woolen hat for a woman who hardly ever wears a hat. That and I live in almost the warmest winter spot a person could live in and not be in the state of Florida or the Amazon. Just thinking about a woolen hat makes my ears sweat.

2.  The weirdest food you love, but wouldn’t want anyone to know you actually eat: I'm going to have to revert to some of my Korean favorites that are not exotically weird but have the tendency to look and be roots and things. Caveat here, because I'm ruthless remember, is that I do not care that anyone would know that I love Korean food. Bring it on. But pass the kimchi to Husband who loves that spicy dish.

3.  Favorite holiday television show: Umm, is it still a favorite if I can't quite remember the name? It's the one where Mr. Freeze Meister and Mr. Heat Meister duke it out. We love that song. I think it's a Claus movie. Just showing my "pagan" roots.

4.  Do you daydream?: Yes

5.  What was your favorite, childhood snuggle toy?: A small pillow that I still have. It is stored in a plastic zip bag for posterity to one day look at, scratch their heads and throw away.

6.  If you could give any one person a big ol’ piece of your mind, who would it be and what would you say?: The limits of just one person are truly restricting here. On any given day I have to give a piece o'my mind to the various house inhabitants reminding them that their existence involves responsibility before privilege. They're getting it. Basically though, I think the best tactic is prayer regarding anyone who has "ticked me off". Because I'm His child, I find it wise to let Him handle the trouble. I have no complaints so far in His choices of handling.

7.  If you could be present for one event in history, what would it be and why? the Sermon on the Mount. To hear Jesus speak the Beatitudes, to see His compassion for His people and His passion for His Father's Word would be a glorious sight to behold.

All right, I did my diligent duty. Thanks for the re-tag. Now, let's all just let the memes rest a bit, shall we?

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