Thursday, November 4, 2010

November, Thanksgiving #4...

I am thankful for the prayers of friends. For their counsel and encouragement. For the phone calls and emails, for the presents of time and the presence of person. For their wit and laughter shared over both the ridiculous and the regular. For the simplicity of chicken salad, peach tea and chocolate cake. For remembrances of united sentiments that bond hearts. I am thankful for the gift of friends.

I am also thankful for the gathering in of friends made through blogging. It seems nothing but strange to feel as though you could sit on a porch 300 miles away as comfortably as on your own deck. But it is true. Generations ago when the written word took days to reach one another, affection for one another grew. This world of instant chat has only hastened the process behind the power of the written word which gives insight into others' thoughts.

Certainly, there are limits to true knowledge of one another. However, I promise I'm not a 51 year old man with long hair and a tattoo that says, "Liberty!" I am simply the wife of one man, the mother of four sons and the friend of those who love the Lord.

Making me, thankful for friends.


  1. Thankful for you too, Elle. I don't know how many miles apart we are, but you can come sit on my porch any day!

  2. Instant communication has hastened friendships. Glad to know you, Elle!