Thursday, September 9, 2010

When the boys were...

little and getting them out the door took 91 minutes, I tried various tactics to help them see the need for a little speed. I would have them put on their shoes, that made them walk faster, you see.

Unh huh.

Or I would tell them that breakfast was full of super energy so it would help them get their things together more quickly.


But the tactic that ended up working the best was when I told them that they had rockets in their bottoms. I'm sure I came up with that from some sort of cartoon they had watched. Probably Tom and Jerry.

Anyway. They loved that idea and would come stand in front of me and tell me to turn the rockets on so they could sprint around. (Turning on the rockets was a cheek pinch.)

The other day we were tight on time. Probably because I lost track of it and didn't have my things together. So I tossed out that phrase from years ago and received a different take on the idea.

"Come on, boys! Remember, you have rockets in your bottom!"

"No, we don't. We have methane."

I guess I can take away from this that at least they are getting their science lessons.