Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thankful this Thursday for...

...yesterday's time with women of God who prayed with and for me. Who serve with passion and grace no matter the cost. It is a sweet thing to see His kingdom in action in my little part of the world. early bedtime that gave extra rest after a long day. of playing Christian radio through my computer while I am working and studying.

...flexibility in our home study program for days like today and tomorrow when the normal is a bit upside down.

...husband's amazing, and I mean amazing, fix it abilities. It is his superpower. Our decades old lawnmower had seemingly cut its last blade of grass and husband was able to resurrect it from a junkyard state.

...that he perseveres in such things, believing that it is better to repair and restore than give up.

...the boys' help the past few days in home organization and closet re-organization. Those muscles they are getting with puberty are really coming in handy now.

...God's gift of grace and gospel.

...challenges to my thinking, knowing that I will not grow in my own wisdom and need the exhortations of others to keep me searching the Word.

...friends that love despite my faults and forgive me of my offenses towards them with God's gift of grace and gospel.

...a weekend that is coming.

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  1. Amen to that first thankfulness! My day to see a bit of His kingdom in my part of the world was Tuesday and it was glorious! So glad to hear yours was too, Elle!