Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thankful this Thursday that...

...I will be celebrating the life of a unique little girl by distributing her birthday cupcakes to friends today. Tomorrow is her 10th birthday. I know with a confident assurance that she is receiving a way better birthday in the presence of the Lord than having cupcakes here on earth, but I am glad that those who loved her will be celebrating together as well.

...even interruptions that happen constantly are the warp and woof of home learning. They teach me patience. They refine my innate selfishness. And they remind me that I am not adequate to be all these children need. But I am whom God has given for this season. exists, and I have a great thermo insulated mug that keeps it warm a long time since the above interruptions often keep me from drinking it in one sitting.

...the mornings and evenings are cooler which makes for great quiet times and outside times of welcoming autumn to come on in.

...the Lord is salvation and His truth is eternal. Studying Isaiah this year promises to be one of the most significant events I can participate in. I am truly humbled by the privilege of such time.

Hope that you can join in the thankfulness as well.


  1. Sharing that thankfulness for this year's study of Isaiah with you, Elle.

  2. Your gratitude encourages my own. Thanks for sharing your thankfulness!