Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Random thoughts...

are bouncing around in my head and they need a place to go.

Oh look. Here is a place:

1) The Chairman came downstairs a few hours ago and told me that he was playing an awesome game of Risk and had just conquered Japan. He then rubbed his hands together and made a Calvin face of glee.

2) My dining room and foyer are filled with elaborate military set ups of soldiers and tanks and weaponry. I am not only concerned about stepping on some of this but actually getting shot at in the ankle.

3) This week we have an extra boy living with us. He is the same age and size as my two older boys so yesterday I made a mountainous trip to the grocery store to stock up on all things supersized. I may even get shot at while reaching for the chicken tonight. The testosterone is ravenous.

4) Which is why I just ate a bowl of Cap'n Crunch. It is my comfort food. And may be my only meal tonight.

5) The sounds that are emanating from upstairs are reminiscent of college days when I dared to walk down the hall of the boys' dormitory. I am sure I was only there for a study group. Nothing else.

6) To deal with all of this testosterone, I received the supreme blessing of hearing nearly 200 women sing How Firm A Foundation this morning. A sweet piece of heaven. And estrogen. I received as many hugs as I could.

7) Random over.


  1. I've been experiencing a serious second-hand estrogen shortage for the last month.

  2. We sang "How Firm a Foundation" yesterday too...among others. It was a wonderful, exciting, joy-filled time, yesterday morning! I prayed for you and your class, thinking about how it might be going similarly in Georgia. Praise God that it was!!