Sunday, September 12, 2010

Changing my desktop....

photo to one of me and Husband in Nova Scotia reminded me that I have not blogged any of that trip or its photos.

Yes, I know. If you're a regular reader here you know what an aberration it is for me to post photos. Let alone photos of me. No fears. This will not possibly become a photo blog because I have neither the patience or the talent for 1) taking photos 2) posting photos or 3) see #1 and #2.

But I will do my best on this. Promise.

And yes, that is me next to a shiny new red PT Cruiser the first day of our trip. Getting that car was its own adventure so we had to document the event with a photo.

First, background story to why we chose Nova Scotia for our 20th anniversary trip. Before he was Husband he was Fiance. We were engaged in November and Fiance flew to Korea in January for his first duty assignment leaving me to take care of small details.

Like finish college. And plan a wedding.

Fiance did not come home to become Husband until August of 1990. Two weeks before the wedding date. He only had a month's leave for us to accomplish the wedding, a honeymoon and packing to move back to Korea for 3 months. (Which became 11 months but that is a whole other story). There is nothing like a tight time table to start off wedded bliss and apparently that is what we were aiming for with the set agenda.

Fast forward. We accomplished all things on the agenda, (married, honeymooned and packed) but the honeymoon did not happen in Canada which is what I had dreamed of. Out loud. The point to a marriage though is never the wedding and certainly not the honeymoon. The point is the daily in and daily out of marriage. So we tucked away our dream of Canada and moved to Korea.

Real fast forward 20 years. Or actually 19. On our 19th anniversary we talked about going somewhere really big, as in a trip, for our 20th. We threw around a couple of ideas but when it came to Husband asking me what I really wanted, my answer was a honeymoon trip to Canada.

Nova Scotia came about because we did not want the typical resort area or even big city. We wanted something private, in the mountains, and preferably near water. Sounded impossible but the Lord provided a truly sweet place.

Enough writing for now. Here was the view off of our front porch. Isn't it beautiful?


  1. Oh look at how cute you are! Love the photo!! What a wonderful spot to visit!

  2. Oh, it's Elle! How nice to see you and your happy smile!

  3. You look just like you sound...adorable.

  4. I'm so glad you got that belated honeymoon, Elle!

    And what fun to finally see a picture of you! I love that smile!

  5. You were born to drive a red PT Cruiser. :-)

  6. How fun to "see" you! And your trip sounds wonderful!