Friday, August 13, 2010

Over the moon...

excited for a dear friend of mine who has perservered in a long trial for the right to adopt a little guy who needs an intact, loving, Christian family.

Today, after much trouble and character assaults and deceptive tactics by involved agencies, God intervened to bring mercy and justice to bear on the case. He awarded this family the right to adopt, to give this sweet child a forever on earth home.

This summer has been incredibly hard for this friend and her loved ones. Several of us have prayed unceasingly regarding the situation. We have asked God to stop up the paths of injustice and oppression. We have asked God to display His glory in the birth of a new family. We have asked God to cause us to surrender to His will with peace and assurance.

And when it looked so terribly awful today at court, we again asked God to make His power known.

He did.

The judge said he saw changed lives that could provide for this son with all their hearts and minds and strength.

A child, once orphaned, now gifted by God to belong in this family.

Victory in the Lord and from the Lord--blessings untold.