Sunday, August 1, 2010

Just thinking a status report....

is due. About now.

Disliking the intense heat and humidity of current days.

Knowing that I should be grateful for all that comes from the hand of God. Even this weather.

Sitting on the red couch with two of the three best sons. The third is on the floor in front of us stretched out.

Watching the movie Inkheart with them.

Fielding questions about special effects and movie magic.

Digesting an awesome Pizza Margherita earlier enjoyed with Husband.

Drinking nothing right now but an evening coffee will probably be brewed eventually.

Reading Renewing Your Mind: Learning How to Live and Think Biblically by James Montgomery Boice. It is an excellent study on Romans 12:1-2.

Also reading a great deal of Isaiah these days. God's judgment and restoration and promises to His people are amazing words of assurance and hope.

Thinking eagerly about what this week holds in adventure and excitement. Not to mention really low humidity and much cooler temperatures.

Packing not yet completed.

Celebrating 20 years with Husband this month.

Thanking God for all of His many good gifts--marriage, sons, friendships to name only a few.

Signing off for yet another blog break. Too much living to do this month.


  1. Don't know where you're off to or if you can download a podcast or some such, but our pastor has been preaching on Isaiah the last two Sundays. That is some goooooood stuff. Today was on Isaiah 53 and I believe it may have been the best presentation of the gospel I've ever heard. And I'm a Baptist...
    Safe travels, friend. Miss y'all!

  2. That book you're reading sounds awesome!

  3. Congratulations! I think we've already discovered this about each other but FirstHusband and I are also celebrating 20 years of marriage this month - the 11th. We are just back from a 2nd honeymoon, a Disney cruise - sans kids. Hope your trip is restorative and enjoyable!

  4. Happy Anniversary! Hope you're enjoying a wonderful trip!