Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It has been a long time...

since this house boasted a four month old. This week the boast has to include embarrassing incidents like forgetting the baby bottle nipples while on an outing.

Four month old babies do not appreciate the forgetfulness of their 41 year old caregivers. In fact, they very loudly express their dissatisfaction with the current level of care, demand a refund, write a letter to the Better Baby Business Bureau and motivate a friend to haul it to CVS to buy a nipple, any nipple, in an effort to make.the.crying.stop.

Feed the baby. A key principle right there. And when the method is by bottle, then buddy, you had better have all the key elements necessary for that bottle. Because there is no whipping it out au naturel when Dr. Brown's Level 1 is all he will have.

I had also forgotten about the crying jags that can accompany small babies. When letting it all hang out is loud. Really loud. The boys provide the humor with questions like, "What is he crying about?" or "Is he having a bad day?"

Yes, I wondered the same thing with you, son.

It is still a joy to hold the little guy. To have that sleepy cooing be at you and the funny face you just made. To see him smile at you as though you have made his day.

That is when you have the nipple.

To the moms of littles, it has been nine years plus since I had this honor. I tip my motherhood hat at you. Hang in there, ladies.


  1. Yes...hats off to mothers and caregivers of little ones. We have a 10 month old here for a visit...

  2. I'm not laughing AT you, I'm laughing... well, in your general direction. Hugs, friend! I'm sure whatever Mommy you were serving was extremely grateful for your help.

  3. It's amazing how quickly we grow "rusty" doing the very things we thought we would do FOREVER! Or, so I thought. How time flies. I too tip my hat to moms of littles; I rise up and call you blessed! :)