Thursday, July 1, 2010

Status Report for July 1st...

is ringing its call on a sweet slice of the internet. Lisa Writes' brainchild strikes again. my now messy again desk. I try. It was clean for a day or so before all that clutters struck again.

Drinking......nothing right now. Only realized at about noon that I had forgotten my morning coffee. What is up with that? Dementia is next.

Realizing.....that 3:33 in the afternoon is morning somewhere for somebody so coffee is next on task after this report is done.

Wondering......if a stream of consciousness status report really counts as a report seeing as a report usually implies serious thought given ahead of time and then put into a colorful three ring binder.

Reading.....several good books right now. Some top ones are Crook in the Lot, Guns of the Lion, Counsel from the Cross, Isaiah, Relationships: A Mess Worth Making, and Age of Opportunity.

Thinking.....about the faithfulness of God versus the unfaithfulness of men and satisfied in Him.

Smiling.....about how God works out ALL of His plan in perfection.

Preparing.....for time with family this weekend and as much World Cup as possible.

Cooking.....tonight a lasagna and peach cobbler.

Wondering......what I am going to pull together for my oldest son's nearing birthday celebration.

Procrastinating......the above idea because it reminds me both of how old and how tall he is becoming.

Finishing......this status report because it's time to start the lasagna and the coffee.

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  1. Loved "Counsel from the Cross"--definitely worth reading again!

    As much Word Cup as possible--yes and amen!

    And here's hoping this status report stream of consciousness posting does indeed count, for something, actual posting, perhaps?