Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday toodlings...

and to-dos is all about today.

I'm hosting dinner tonight for a dear friend who over the last decade has been a mentor to me. She's the one who taught me about discipline as shepherding. She's the one who held my feet to the fire on how I said I respected my husband but where was the proof in practice. She's the one whom I've called with questions about what this boy or that was now doing. And how would I survive it?

Each time she talked me off of the ledge and pointed me to the Word. To His grace. To His forgiveness. To His Gospel.

I'm thrilled to be able to prepare a dinner for her and her husband tonight. I look forward to this evening as being a sweet time of fellowship and thanksgiving for how God blesses His people through His people.

I'd better get going. Errands and to-dos are calling my name.

For which of your mentors are you most thankful?

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