Saturday, June 26, 2010

Laundry mountains...

and the sherpa would be me.

Received the call about an hour ago that the boys of camp were on their way home. The washer stands ready to do battle. The baskets are laid out to hold used to be whites, really really darks, and indistinguishables that require hot sanitizing. I opened a new bottle of bleach, and the washing powder and Borax super booster are ready.

HopeSuds, be with me today in fighting the battle.

Here they come.


  1. Have fun! You'll probably have to put the boys in on a soak cycle!

  2. Take before and after pictures. We could use it in marketing... :-)

  3. Gotta love those boys! And the Borax!!

  4. May the laundry force be with you!

  5. Ah, but don't forget the memories...