Tuesday, May 4, 2010

When something is good...

you run with it, or in this case, blog with it. HT to Lisa Writes. She apparently helps all of us keep writing.

Sitting.........at my very cluttered desk. I keep telling myself that I will clean it off, but certain piles will not be done until near the end of May.

Drinking.........coffee. Black. I made the wholehearted switch almost 3 months ago to no creamer whatsoever. It has resulted in my being a true coffee snob. I will only drink Caffe Verona or Oma.

Listening......to the sounds of learning. It's almost 8:45 p.m. here but Chess is working on his computer programming. Pele is taking and identifying fingerprints. The Chairman is conducting Investigation #9 out of his chemistry set.

Thinking.......through several relationship issues.

Trusting........that God's ways are perfect. Including His timing for reconciliation and restoration.

Hoping.........for a quick and economical fix to the minivan's latest woes.

Reading..........Boice on the Gospel according to John, Relationships: A Mess Worth Making by Tim Lane & Paul Tripp, and my latest issue of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.

Excited........about all the goodies we got at our homeschool convention.

Thankful.......for an incredibly supportive husband and group of think tanking homeschool moms that keep me focused on the big picture of learning as a goal.

Praying.......for some friends and family who are experiencing God's glory from the affliction side of things.

Finishing......this status report and heading to my red couch for down time.


  1. Ooo, a red couch. This intrigues me. I've always wanted a red piece of furniture. Was never able to pull the trigger on that, though. I will hold out hope, though...

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  3. Coffee, black--truly the only way to go.