Saturday, May 8, 2010

Many, many thanks for.....

the other day's help of ideas for a travel pack.

I set the boys to the cleaning out of all ready on hand (meaning purchased) travel items we had. The search turned up the Mad Libs, twist up colored crayons/pencils, journals, a couple of handheld brain twister games and a puzzle book. Each of the boys owns a soft backpack so they will be able to pack an individual collection.

I did the munchies and eatables snack run purchase the other day. They have mini oreos, chips ahoy, ritz bitz with cheese and boxes of raisins. I'll also make a dry cereal/trail mix concoction. And they have their individual water bottles. Food wise, they're going to be fine.

Today's plan involves hitting the CFA and McD for gift cards. I also have some of the cheap magazines all ready. Thanks for reminding me to include those.

I looked into the bendaroo idea but can't get any here fast enough. Did find some wiki stix things at the grocery store of all places but am a little hesitant on this because of the grandparents' ideas regarding car care. How to be genteel on this. Hmmm. Well, suffice it so say that it's been a long time since even a dried cheerio rode around with my parents. Wiki stix detritus could be hazardous.

The rope idea having received mixed review is still on the table. My older two are active Boy Scouts who like to practice their various knots. And the youngest is doing all he can to keep up with them. Dad may have to weigh in on that final word. One suggestion I came across is to provide a bandanna instead of actual rope thereby hopefully cutting down on the trouble factor. I don't know.

And I am asking around the local friends for use of a portable DVD player. They have movies that they could take, plus I'll check the library on loaners. Whichever boy sits in the middle would have to hold it for the watching, but I think they'd work with that.

So. I am very much encouraged that we're on the right track and that my planned next week's date with Husband will not be interrupted by a phone call from the highway for intervention.

Unless of course I send the rope/bandanna for knot tying?

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  1. Oh no Elle.....Walgreens carries the Bendaroo!