Wednesday, March 24, 2010

If not for the clever blog....

posts of friends like Lisa Writes and her classic Status Reports that she with goodwill allows so many of us to copy and paste, I would often have nothing to say.

Irony personified. Start a blog entitled A Complete Thought and then have exactly none.

Adding to my list of blogs I want to be like, I'm baldfaced stealing this idea from Everyday Mommy and calling it the Twitter Report. Things you shoulda' twittered but post on your blog instead.

A dear friend's daughter went into the hospital Monday with a probable colon obstruction that by Tuesday had been diagnosed as an emergency colon obstruction. Post surgery finds her with 75% less of her colon but miraculously saved by God's hand in the midst of extreme circumstances. Hearing the surgeon's report of things that should have been that weren't and things that weren't that should have been make you mindful of individual smallness before an awesome God. Many of us are praising Him for the healing He has given.

Work was creeping to a slow crawl for Husband and then the phone rang bringing a great blessing. More individual smallness. Most awesome God.

The boys independent projects these days continue to be centered on their study of WWII. Their latest endeavor has been to create a living re-enactment in our backyard. They have constructed mortars, anti-aircraft guns, cannons and even "bodies" for strategic placement. To make the bodies, they took old clothes (I hope, now that I write that) and stuffed them with bags and pillowcases. They used soccer balls for heads and even gave them hands. But I confess, it is more than a little eerie to look out on the backyard and see bodies lying around. It requires a double take.

I had the chance over the last two weeks to study in-depth John 17, the Lord's prayer for His disciples. The study has been one of the sweetest times ever to swim the deeps of God's amazing love for those whom He has given to His Son, to those for whom Christ has died.  A truth especially precious is that God never had to start loving me. He has always loved me. Therefore, His love for me will never end. Wow and really wow.

I had to lay down this afternoon or someone was going to get hurt. All have survived.

I'm keeping my friend's two little boys tomorrow bringing our testosterone level to 5 once Husband goes to work. I'm considering taking an extra estrogen supplement in the morning. That and uncovering the secret chocolate stash. Seriously I'm looking forward to it. Long, long ago once I envisioned having children it was 5 little boys that I wanted. God gave me 4. I'll enjoy tomorrow as a picture of what things might have been.

Time to go read White Fang.


  1. Oh, a picture of that yard littered with bodies would give me such joy. Not the bodies, just the fact that your boys... well, it would just be nice to see proof that I'm not the only mother whose neighbors want to turn her into HOA but they can't because my only fault is excessive levels of Y chromosomes in one house.

  2. I keep "testosterone poisoning" from overwhelming FavoriteSon by requiring him to sweat. He can either shoot hoops or mow the grass - his choice - but he can't come back into the house until he's broken a sweat. (ya know I read it somewhere - it works!)

    Good to see you back at the keyboard! Missed ya!

  3. Love the twitter report! That's an idea I may have to steal secondhand!