Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Loose ends and updates...

need to be straightened out of my head to the digital page. Bear with.

Coupon productivity had its failures and successes this week. At Kroger I purchased $165.67 worth of groceries at an out of pocket cost of $97.32. At Publix I purchased $173.73 worth of groceries at an out of pocket cost of $96.11. While walking through Publix, I was confused at not seeing the online deals advertised in the store and so linked to the coupons I was carrying. Sweet Tawanda at the register cleared things up for me. The Publix ad runs from Tuesday to Wednesday. I was a day late and so several dollars more could have been saved if I had been working off the correct ad and coupon match-ups.

Now I'm a tad wiser on that.

Plus, even at the many $$ saved in those trips, I still do not usually sport a grocery bill like that. However, we are stocked up on pantry staples and toiletries for the next 2-4 months. I told Husband that unless there is a diarrhea outbreak, we will not need toilet paper in this house o'boys for at least six months!

Hopefully, the majority of trips will be for buying fresh fruits, vegetables, milk, eggs, and meat, at an every other week pace. I realize it's still a work in progress, but I am trying to improve our budget and keep the boys fed without requiring a second income.

There's more to say on the loose ends and updates, but I am currently out of time.....

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  1. I need to start shopping like you're doing. Care to write a post with tips on how you do it?