Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thankful that Jesus...

is perfectly faithful to His people in every challenge of life.

When human resources fail, Jesus shows Himself to be always sufficient and never fails those whom He loves.

When human resolve fails, God shows Himself to be the One who strengthens those whom He loves, those whom come to Him in prayer.

When human efforts fail, Jesus shows Himself to be perfectly faithful to come to those whom He loves at the exact point of need.

I am thankful that He has shown His perfect faithfulness in my life this week.

The Month of Thankfulness has only a couple of weeks left. Look and see at Rebecca Writes what many things there are for which to be thankful.


  1. God's faithfulness is the underlying thing for which I am most thankful every moment of these days of trial.

  2. Our feet are frequently in the waters of the Red Sea and sometimes the water rises to our throats. We hear the pounding of the Egyptians' horses behind us. And underneath are the everlasting arms of our faithful God, the only thing that keeps us from falling.