Monday, November 23, 2009

Thankful for women of God...

who serve because He has called. Who shepherd because He is shepherding them. Who have a passion for Jesus and show Him to be the love of their lives.

Weekly I have the privilege of gathering with women who demonstrate living faith through the fruitful works of their hands. We laugh and cry with one another and prayers are poured out for each other to the Living God who always shows His faithfulness and Presence in our midst.

With these women, I see a picture of Christ's body working in the unity of one Spirit, one faith, one baptism, one truth and one Savior. I learn from them as they share their lives and witness as to how God is working in them. I am humbled at the joy found in serving alongside of them.

When I finally knew enough to know anything, I yearned for a spiritual mentor. In these women, I am surrounded by faithful mentoring through their examples and honesty about failures, their hopes and humility for victories and their enduring belief that they know the One in whom they have believed. And they know that He is faithful to keep that which they have committed to Him.

I am thankful for faithful women of God choosing to serve in His kingdom.

It's been a Month of Thankfulness at Rebecca Writes. Join us. There is still time.


  1. I am very sure there is lots of faithful mentoring going on in that circle, Elle, and that you are doing your share too! It is always a privilege to serve our God and somehow we always end up receiving so much more than we give.

  2. That's very lovely. Yes, women who serve the Lord are a great example and encouragement and blessing. It sounds like you are one of them. So thank YOU.