Saturday, October 31, 2009

Chairman had his first...

hunting trip the other day. Though he is the youngest to have gone with his Daddy, he has asked us for the longest time. Because of a certain incident last year at Thanksgiving while visiting Williamsburg, we were a bit hesitant about sending him out to witness biology again.

However, Husband is intentional about making sure that each boy gets one on one Daddy time, and the Chairman's time was clearly due. I dropped him off at Husband's office and rode off with the other two. I did not hear from them until four and a half hours. Here is the phone conversation:

Chairman: Hey Mom. Well, we are going to be home later than you expected us.

Me: Really? Now, why would that be?

Chairman: I'm sorry. That information is classified.

Me: Well, I am your Mom, so that classified information better start spilling. (That's my Jack Bauer power play.)

Chairman: (Giggling) Okay, okay. We GOT a DEER, MOM! It's HUGE! Really BIG and FAT!

Me: Wow! I'm very excited for you! How are you doing?

Chairman: I'm okay. It was fun. We stalked up on it. I'm really hungry. Can I have three grilled cheeses when I get home?

Me: Yes, honey. I'll feed you when you get home. Hey, what is Daddy doing?

Chairman: He's doing the dirty work.

Me: Really? Well what are you doing?

Chairman: I'm NOT watching is what I'm doing.

And so he did NOT watch and he was fine. I was relieved on all counts that not only did they get a deer but that no fainting goat episode occurred either. I did not want to hear the story of hauling a deer and an 8 year old through the woods.

Tonight we're processing meat it seems. Maybe I can pull the Chairman play on this?


  1. Oh how very fabulous to get a deer on his first outing and in just 4-1/2 hours?
    He'll never forget this trip.
    My middle son has to drive 4-1/2 hours just to set up camp :0)
    My son does the initial dirty work and then drops it off at a butcher to do the rest...
    Enjoy the deer meat...

  2. What an exciting day for your son! Very prudent of him to skip the biology/gutting lesson. As for the processing part, yep, maybe you should pull the Chairman ploy on that one too. I have lingering childhood memories of "processing" a side of beef on our farm kitchen table. Not pretty.

    (I'm back to blogging, but at a different address.)