Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I'm waiting for the boys...

to go to bed so I can pop a big bowl of stir-crazy popcorn and call it a meal. Curled up on the couch and thankful for today's cooler weather. I almost feel like soup. But that would mean cooking, which is not on tonight's menu.

Husband has to be away for the evening so it's me and my young man-tourage keeping the fires burning. Not literally, of course. It's not that much cooler.

But today at a friend's house with the breeze blowing, I did witness some leaves. Falling. Which led me to the pleasant thoughts of fall. How much I love it. How much I wish it lasted five months instead of three. Lisa Writes put it this way, "September means fall is just around the corner and I love, love, LOVE fall. Fall is without a doubt one of the best funk fighters there is."

She's right, by golly. I'm all about fighting the funk. With a soup spoon if necessary. Whatever it takes. Tonight it's popcorn.

These days are whistling past. I'm trying to catch snatches of each one. The boys are all over the re-enactments of the War Between the States battles. I am thrilled to see the toy soldiers taking on educational use and not just serving as barbs for my bare feet walking down dark halls.

We're thoroughly enjoying using my Dad's telescope. Every night we search the sky for something new to discover and marvel at. How many billions and millions and thrillions of years old everything is has become my eight year old's private joke. There's nothing quite like seeing his eyes light at the announcement of how, "God made that, too!"

These are days of blessing. I am seeing God work in amazing ways. Even in the silence there are whispers of His power. Just look at Venus and its moons. A friend told me today how her prayer this whole year has been to see the truth God had for her. And then we spent two hours delighting in what He has shown her thus far.

I am going to bed tonight with that prayer on my lips. I want to see Your truth, Lord. In the stars. In my sons. In the blessings of life and marriage. And in Fall.


  1. Amen to that wonderful prayer! Let us see you Lord, everyday....

  2. Obviously I need to get some sleep. I read "stir-crazy" popcorn as "stir-fry" and wondered through half the post what stir-fry popcorn was and how that would work.

    And you said you felt like soup and I thought you felt....drippy and liquidy and warm.

    Then I caught on. Oh dear.