Thursday, August 20, 2009

You know that saying...

"The hurrier I go, the behinder I get"?

I think I am there. Behind I mean, not where I am trying to get.

It's the seasonal sensation that July evaporated. And the heat around here just might have caused that climatic phenomenon.

And August? I have almost nothing good to say for how quickly August jumped in and jumped out of my life. My wedding anniversary is August 25th, and the fact that it is in 5 days is....astonishing.

I spent the first part of this week in some regrets of all that I wanted to accomplish by this point. The grand plans and schemes I'd concocted in May.

Well, those things haven't happened and lest the whole week turn into a mushy pity party where everyone around me and me included is miserable, God brought to mind the many blessed things He has allowed to happen since May. Decluttering of a material and personal order, deeper friendships, new friendships, seeing my sons mature, finishing a study and starting another one, reading some really, really good books, a mountain vacay, a surprise beach vacay, and cooking my socks off with some great new recipes.

Rev. Johnson Oatman was absolutely right. It is for counting our blessings, one by one, that the Lord's Name is greatly praised.

I've made my peace with August. Might as well, she's nearly over. And September is one of my most favoritest months. So, my times are in His hands, and I trust in Him. He is my confidence.


  1. Time is flying, with twists and turns and whirlwinds not to my liking. I'm being pressed toward thankfulness and contentment in the midst of the fury and the waiting. Not at all possible unless I deeply know/dwell on the truth that our times are in His hands and His trustworthiness is unfailing. Just yesterday morning I determined to begin each day---before rolling out of bed---by expressing thankfulness to God for His wonderful goodness to me, to us. This is a timely post for me, Elle!

  2. "I’ve made my peace with August." Chuckle, chuckle.

  3. I find it easier to just let these things go by keeping in my mind the question: "What's the worst thing that could happen?"

    In truth, nothing I can't deal with. So I didn't get everything on my summer to-do list finished, we're all still healthy, happy and the blessings abound!

    I'm with you.

  4. It's been a mushy pity party around here as well. I needed the wisdom and encouragement of this post!