Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Boy Scout business...

is big in our lives right now. Both Chess and Pele are working their way to merit badges. Last night was their first Honor Court. They were decked out, even to the neckerchief, and expectant about the badges they would receive from their time at camp this summer.

Plus, they were getting a meal "out to eat". It was a meal cooked by a church staff and kitchen, and apparently excellent. I'm always honored when they come home and tell me that they discussed if my roast beef was as good as the roast beef they just had. My Sunday roast beef two weeks ago was a close contender.

Anyway, they received a Camp badge and six merit badges (fishing, swimming, rifle, fingerprinting, environmental science, and emergency preparedness). Thankfully, Husband and I have a deal with these badges. Namely, he puts them on the uniform with some special sticky stuff because if you know me, you know I don't sew.

They are still working on a couple other ones that should be earned by Christmas. Husband IS an Eagle Scout (the "is" is capitalized because one time I mistakenly said that he WAS an Eagle Scout only to be corrected that "once an Eagle, always an Eagle), and has looked forward to the day when he could take his own sons to scouts.

Needless to say, but blogging it anyway, they are having a wonderful time together. They have some amazing camp outs and trips planned for this year, and I see myself a potential scout widow at least a couple or four weekends. Not that I'm complaining. The life and leadership skills the boys are attaining is priceless.

Plus, Husband is a cutie in the Scout leader's uniform. Ahem.

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