Thursday, September 24, 2009

And yet another reason...

why we homeschool.

Husband was talking with some other husbands the other day about their kids in school. This group of dads was complaining about a mutual teacher that their boys had that was making the boys take this monumental math test. Apparently the first go-round of testing didn't go round well enough and the entire class had earned a second try.

After copious amounts of homework and gray hairs on the parents' part.

One of the dads was especially critical of this teacher's method for the math problems, complaining even to the point that his/her technique was "just plain stupid".

At this pause in the conversation, Husband spoke up and commented, "Well, that is another thing about homeschooling. You can't call the teacher's methods stupid because she's your wife."

Thank you, honey. Plus, he's the one who teaches math.

That way, no one ends up "stupid".


  1. Yea, I'm banking on Hubby's math minor to get us through!

  2. So many great benefits to homeschooling. Hey you have a new look around here...

  3. Hey, I can reteach the math at just about any level, it's the Applied Physics that giving me a fit. Wanna come teach that one?