Friday, July 10, 2009

Okay, so somehow a week...

went by and I didn't blog not one day. Wow.

What was I doing? Well, let me think.

Monday: Summer school session, meeting with friends, swimming, and cooked dinner at the Ronald McDonald House.

Tuesday: Summer school session, swimming, dropped one son off for spend the night birthday party, cooked dinner for the rest of us.

Wednesday: Summer school session, swimming that got rained out & turned into a play date while me & the other mom solved the world's problems, got back the one son from the spend the night birthday party, & cooked dinner for the family.

Thursday: Summer school session, went to two libraries for school resources, studied the Alamo, heated leftovers for the family & enjoyed a quiet evening alone while the family went to paint at our new church building.

Friday: So far, we've volunteered at the Ronald McDonald House, eaten lunch & preparing to go swimming.

Added to each day would be the usual other meals, other errands, other house chores & keeping up with my regular study & summer studies.

Blogging just had to wait. But there are things to write. Hopefully, today and the weekend will afford that complete thought time.  Hope your week was full of living as well.


  1. Sounds like a very productive week. I've been running around like one of those chickens :0)