Wednesday, July 1, 2009

10 reasons why Thursday is...

better than Friday. Or Ode to Thursdays.

1. I was born on a Thursday. I had one of those porcelain figurines that read "Thursday's child has far to go." I'd like to think it meant the work of sanctification even then.

2. Thursday is spelled like it sounds. Unlike Wed-nes-day (windsday).

3. Thank God It's Thursday gives the acronym TGITH which sounds like something Tigger would say. I like Tigger.

4. Thursday signals the end of the week is near but without all of that Friday end of the week pressure.

5. Thursday means you have one more day to get your week's work done.

6. Thursday night television is better than Friday night. Okay, maybe this one doesn't count since all TV really stinks right now.

7. Thursday gets the limelight of being the last day of the week on a four day work week but again without all of that Friday pressure.

8. Thursday gets the highlight of being the beginning of a three day weekend.

9. Thursday is refrigerator smorgasbord day which means no cooking, just reheating.

10. Thursday is our family's official sleep-in day September through May.

11. I know I said 10 but here's the best reason today: This Thursday is my Dad's birthday. Happy Birthday, Dad!

Happy Thursday!


  1. Fun Elle!
    TV is really yucky in the summer!
    A happy B-day to your Dad!

  2. And thursdays are our homeschool play days!

    You're right--Thursday really does rock!

  3. We liked TV on Mondays (24) and Wednesdays (LOST). But, as you said, TV in summer stinks.