Thursday, June 11, 2009

When Land's End held a sale...

on kids' swimming suits the other day, I decided to take the plunge (oh yes) and ride the wave (that's right) of discounts on three suits for the boys.

Chess' suit used to have a pocket on the back that was now hanging by a thread. It needed replacing or his rear parts were going to be exposed at the next riptide. Pele's suit had lost all of its stretchy elasticity stuff and was being held around his narrow waist by sheer will power so it needed replacing or his rear parts were going to be exposed at the next cannonball. Finally, the Chairman's suit was short an effective drawstring so his rear parts were being exposed every time he pulled himself up on the ladder.

Basically, it's all about the rear parts being exposed here and Mom needed to take action. She's tired of seeing the rear parts.

It was fairly easy to choose suits for the older two. They have their favorite colors, green for Chess and blue for Pele. Click, add to basket, done. But finding a suit for the Chairman was a bit trickier. He's 8 now and is in that limbo land of sometimes too big for the 7x and sometimes too small for the 8. Plus, the suits available in his size were not available in his favorite color, red. Go figure.

I decided to hazard a blue pick with the unique feature that while dry the suit is a solid color but in water a pattern is exposed. The pattern doesn't show while the suit is wet but only while the suit is actually in the water. I hoped this "trick" would keep him off the question, "Why isn't it red?"

it worked. He's happy. All the boys are happy. Their suits are staying up and on so I'm happy. Rear part exposure syndrome is held at bay currently.


  1. I took "the plunge" and bought one for myself from Lands End during their big sale the other day... it's the first time I've bought a bathing suit in 6 years and the first time I've bought one online... I pray my experience is as successful as yours, but I'm going to be nervous about it until it gets here.

  2. I'm glad you found some good swimsuits for your boys - we love Land's end - they still look like new when they become hand me downs! We have a lack of tooshie problem here - all boys swimsuits are revealing, as are pants, shorts, underwear and p.j.'s - it's the combination of too much tummy pushing down and no hips or bottom to hold everything up - thankfully, he is blissfully unaware and doesn't seem to mind the 1000 or so reminders he gets every day to 'pull up'! On Sunday we cinch in his belt so tightly, he has red marks, but at least he doesn't shock the Bible class teacher as often! I'm thinking suspenders need to come back in style!