Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Yesterday and today...

I witnessed a piece of tomorrow's heaven. It was Sharing Day for the Bible Study I attend. Sharing Day is when the women of the class come together and praise God's Name for His work in their lives, for answered prayers, for the refinement of testing, for the new principles, lessons and applications of His word alive and at work in their lives.

It is a glorious time of hearing how specifically and uniquely the God of the Universe works in the lives of His children. Both yesterday and today, the words of gratitude and exaltation for the Lord simply poured out of these women. There were tears from some, but emotions did not rule the day. Instead, genuine hearts of repentance and fresh conviction marked their testimonies.

It is a mercy of God to correct our theology. It is a grace of God to discipline our rebellion. It is an everlasting love of God to continue to teach us Who He is and What He Does.

I know whom I have believed and He is able to keep that which is committed to Him. These women are living examples of knowing Whom they believe and giving themselves newly wholehearted to Him, I am privileged to witness it. I know that God is at work.


  1. An answer to my prayers. . .what a blessing!!

  2. It surely is a bit of "tomorrow's heaven!" What a blessing, indeed!