Saturday, March 21, 2009

So, Merry Christmas...

to me. Or, enter your best blog entry for wasted time and energy. Take your pick.

Here's the short version:

December 2008: My mom gives me two great white blouses. Just like I asked for. However, after trying both blouses on, I decide that one is greater than the other.

End of December 2008: I go to the department store (which shall remain nameless to avoid the maiming of innocent persons) and ask for a refund. However, deep discounts are in play and unless I produce the original receipt, I will only get about $4.22 cents for this blouse, originally marked $68.00. I decline that deal and declare I will return with receipt.

January 2009: I finally get to the department store with said original receipt and ask for a refund. However, since the new store policy is not to give cash back but only gift cards, I agree to that transaction. Gift card is issued. I do not have time that day to look for anything so I leave.

February 2009: I run into the department store to try and find something to buy with my gift card. However, because of some particular event--I can't even remember what now--the store is closing in 7 minutes. I leave with the gift card.

March 2009: The department store is running a One Day Sale! I have a catalog in hand and dreams of spring so I get the day off per Husband's generosity and go to the store to hopefully, finally, find something to purchase with my gift card. However, an entire morning of shopping yields nada, nothing, bumpkiss. I leave with the gift card.

A friend reminds me that while clothing wasn't found, jewelry could be. Revitalized I think that looking for a few cute accent pieces would do this woman good so I return to the store for a second time. I find 4 pairs of super cute earrings and head to checkout satisfied that this tale has come to a good close.

HOWEVER, the saleslady informs me after swiping the GIFT CARD that there is NOTHING on it. Apparently, way back in ole' January, the saleslady then returned the amount entirely to MY MOM'S CREDIT CARD. I've been carrying around an EMPTY GIFT CARD.

Sigh. I guess the gift really is in the thought. Because it isn't in my closet or jewelry box.


  1. Shopping should be included in the Triathalon. What with all the endurance it requires.

    This totally sounds like something that would happen to me. Except that security would likely have escorted me out, what with all the loud crying. :)