Sunday, January 4, 2009

My cats begrudgingly...

share space with one another for either food or a warm spot to sleep. The rest of their time with one another is spent in a wary notice of the other punctuated by intermittent wrestling, chasing, batting and hissing or complete indifference.

Raisin, the striped cat, came into our home almost 11 years ago. Chess was about 15 months old and gentleness towards small kittens was not in his repertoire of behaviors. I wasn't sure if she would make it or not. Make it she did and actually has become a sort of old faithful in our home, looking with much disdain upon the gray usurper called Blue.

Blue is only his first given name. So given because as a kitten his gray fur had a bluish tint. His given names since are Puff Daddy, the Blue Duke of Disaster, and Shtoopy. He became part of our family as a charity case. His promiscuous and aptly named mom, Kissie, threw her owner, a friend of mine, into throes when one cat became five. In her laundry room.

I was there for the delivery and agreed to take a furball off of her hands. Ever since, I've had fur on mine. I'd like a long-haired cat that doesn't shed, please.

In lieu of that, these two fur covered, cat brained, heat seeking missiles have now been properly introduced to the blog.

[caption id="attachment_825" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Raisin and Blue"]Raisin and Blue[/caption]


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  1. Oh! Sweet kitties! I do love the way cats live together--playing and fighting and ignoring each other. Makes me miss our old George.

    I'd like a non shedding long haired cat, too. Our Buster has a medium length coat but he's a Persian so he sheds like crazy. He's like Pigpen from the Charlie Brown comic strip--there is aways a halo of hair floating about him.

    But he is sweet. I love cats.