Friday, January 2, 2009

May we please make...

the whole "Whatever you do on the first day of the year you do the whole rest of the year" an urban legend? Does that take a petition or something? Maybe just start an email chain letter and let it bleed into a few blog posts?

Whatever it takes.

And I have to caveat that request by saying I have no quarrels with the first part of the morning as a replication for the rest of my 2009 days. I was able to sleep in a bit, ate a great healthy breakfast, did my Bible study, did school with the boys and ate a fabulous New Year's Day lunch.

It was the afternoon that gave me pause for concern. I spent it inefficiently trying to track down a prescription and return a blouse, for the second time. The prescription involved over an hour's worth of time and two trips to the pharmacy. Returning the blouse only took 5 minutes. Leaving me only 8 minutes to look for an exchange, because the store was closing and the aforesaid pharmacy phiasco. Phewie. I took the gift card option and will have to go out again at some point before the gift card expires. Because everyone knows that a gift card is not the gift that keeps on giving. Past 12 months or when the store closes. Whichever comes first.

Inefficiency bugs me. From the productivity of the morning to the non-productivity of the afternoon, I was a train derailed. My part in the inefficiency was a glaring contrast to the productivity of the morning that gave me the big ol' pat on the back. Facing the part that was my fault and acknowledging that the rest was God's ordering didn't leave me satisfied. My stinky attitude persisted until this morning's devotion.
I will surely do thee good. Gen. 32:12

The author then went on to describe how a true believer must set her foundations on this word of God. That not only is He able to do good to His children and not only is He inclined to do good to His children and not only is He bound by His own Name to do good to His children, but He has done good to His children. Time and time again His mercy and compassion has followed the days of her life.

My life. Even yesterday, in the good productivity of the morning that I credited to myself (ha!) and in the gross inefficiency of the afternoon that I wanted to blame on others--He did good to me.

Which leaves me with the realization I need for every day of 2009--Him, not me. Perhaps the lessons of the first day realized on the second day isn't such a bad pattern for the year.

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  1. Thanks, that was a great reminder...and can we ever be reminded to often that God is good to us. (Prayers your sneezing ends soon.)