Sunday, December 21, 2008

Shopping is done...

I think. I always think the shopping is done the last few days before Christmas. Until I remember that last minute wahoo and that necessary bling blang and then of course, the wang dingey is on sale too.


Here's the plans for our week:

Monday--baking day and get my hair colored. I do not want the gray silver highlights to detract from all the Christmas sparkle.

Tuesday--finish baking and do last minute wrapping of all the wang dingeys.

Wednesday--get together with family for a Christmas Eve celebration.

Thursday--celebrate Christmas with 5 very, oh so excited children.

Friday--recover, hopefully with a nap, from celebrating Christmas with 5 children who probably woke up at the crack of dawn.

Saturday--not there yet. Through Friday is all I've got so far.

Whatcha doin?


  1. Hi Elle! Yep those last minutes sneak up don't they.
    Monday-Make cookies, clean condo
    Tuesday-Wash clothes, pack, wrap gifts for Christmas eve get together at my sisters (35 of us will be there!)
    pick up all our adult children from the airport and then have a slumber party at our one bedroom condo with 6 bodies!
    Wednesday - 6 showers in our one bathroom then pack up the car and head south to my sisters with 6 in the car plus luggage and gifts.
    Wednesday night get a ride to the hotel next to the airport for the 6 of us.
    Thursday 6:30 a.m. the 6 of us fly to Seattle
    Thursday 4:00 head to our friends for Christmas dinner.
    Friday recuperate and buy stocking gifts for our family
    Saturday morning have our family Christmas and traditional swedish pancake breakfast (6 of us)
    Saturday night host dinner for our daughter's 23rd birthday!
    Oh my I'm tired....