Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Trying to move back to a blogging groove...

now that summer is upon me. Earlier in the year I was talking with another blogging friend who was mentioning the blogging slump she felt herself slipping into. She said that she couldn't think of what to write about. I told her that I actually had the other problem in that I had too many things to write about, but didn't have the time to write them all down.

Now that summer is here, and I actually have the time, I'm spinning some wheels trying to organize my thoughts into a sequence in which to blog. There's so much to discuss, to write down, to deliberately say, and yet, in that, not everything makes it to publish. Whether it's because the editorial board requires further editing, or the rant vanishes into thin air as it's typed out--and then deleted.

I'm blogging these thoughts out on the Mac...wireless...loving it...comfy on my red couch...and multi-media tasking it watching a rerun. This was the exchange just spoken between two characters:

What's a blog?

It's something that losers put online so that everyone can read.

Okay, that's funny, and humbling. Here's to the group of "losers" putting things online so that everyone can read. When I get my thoughts together into complete form, I'll hit publish. Groove is back.

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  1. So glad you're mine tends to come...then go...then come...then go...

    And hey, happy Blogiversary! I attempted a comment yesterday, but got caught in some weird typepad black hole. Anyways, so glad our journeys have crossed, losers and all! :-)