Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day...

is not a weekend that we choose to travel. Originally the reason was lack of finances to plan a trip, closely followed by the traditional waiting till the last minute to plan anything reason. All of this resulted in our Memorial Day plans typically coming down to calling around our in-town friends and seeing who wanted to throw some cows and dogs on the grill.

But this year we were oh so much more sophisticated about the whole grilling thing because we actually planned the event last Sunday--Wow! That's practically a record for us. Anyway, another friend of mine sent out the email invitations announcing the event, and the plans were underway.

It's been so very, very, very dry here that we were even hoping an outdoor party would see some rain. Not yet!

Groceries were bought, recipes were prepared (with adaptations), outside water fun was purchased, and the festivities began Monday afternoon as friends arrived. Lots of good food and drinks were enjoyed, uplifting fellowship was the evening's theme, and a passel of children ran around in varying phases of wet, muddy, dry, sweaty and laughing.

Thanking God for the abundance He has given us in friends and provision was the significant memory of this Memorial Day. Hoping that yours was also a treat whether in travel or at home.


  1. A fun time was had by all. You are a great hostess.

  2. Thanks, Jif. Your help was much appreciated, and your kids are delightful!