Sunday, February 11, 2007

Well, it's over...

the Ronald McDonald House McDazzle that is, for another year, or at least for another 6 months, until we start to meet again to begin all over again.  Do you realize that everything has its own cycle?  Profound, huh?

Anyway, I cowgirled up for the night with a hot pink suede and rhinestoned shirt (thanks to a friend's closet), bought a $3.50 black taffeta rayon prairie skirt at Goodwill (yes, on the afternoon of), a pair of WalMart special rhinestone studded black cowboy boots (thanks to same friend's closet), other accessories and accoutrements necessary and off to the Denim to Diamonds ball this Cinderella cowgirl rode (on a Honda Odyssey "horse"). 

I'm just saying that if you co-chair the logistics of an event with a girl who has just had her third baby a few weeks earlier, then you deserve the inevitable stressful events that might occur.  May I elaborate?

Let's say that a guy named Big Mike, I kid you not, wants a schedule for his 70 minute set playing, but he doesn't have a CD player for playing music during the band breaks, thus necessitating his leaving at the beginning of the event to go and get said CD player and filler music. 

Let's say that the event center doesn't completely follow your directions related to some beverage/food issues and you must deal with the one they call "Lady with her hair on fire!"

Let's say that you wish you had an Emily and an Andrea from "The Devil Wears Prada" to tell you who these people are that come in and expect you to know their face, their company, and the financial level of their sponsorship.

Let's say that all the jewelry bear grab bags don't sell and you still have to pull the tickets, but it's 15 minutes late.

I'm just saying that if those events were to happen, you'd better be thankful that the Diet Coke, gourmet coffee, and frappucino are free flowing available, and that the chocolate fountain lady is now on your Christmas card list because you've been sighted at her table so frequently!

All in all, God reigned over the major stresses of the weekend providing me with both friends, family, wisdom and peace for how to handle them.  The boys had a wonderful time with their grandma who was invaluable in caring for them while I was about.  My husband was terrific in his support and help, as well.

And I'll let you know final numbers later, but I'm thinking we raised over $40,000 dollars!  Woo Hoo!  I'm very thankful.

My feet are still killing me and I'm behind on sleep for 3 days, but I know that some very special families and children are going to benefit from the time spent. 

Praise God for His sustaining strength, guiding wisdom and abundant blessings!

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  1. May God multiply the blessings reaped from your hard work!