Wednesday, February 7, 2007

One of the greatest rewards...

a Bible teacher can receive is for someone in the study to say, "I read my Bible, did my lesson, and I got it!"  The joy on their faces for grasping a hard truth is only matched by the joy in my heart that my prayers were answered.  My heart is to be always praying for the ladies to work through difficult passages of Scripture and then be so rewarded by the Holy Spirit giving the understanding that otherwise is impossible to have. 

This is my only hope as a Bible teacher because I know that my words are feeble, my flesh is weak, and my faults are numerous.  I can obediently prepare, diligently study, and even boldly speak.  Unless God grants His understanding through His Spirit, hearts, eyes and ears remain closed.  Completely humbling to know that no matter what I do, it's not my work but His.  Completely freeing to know that His work is all that matters.

The latest study I've been working on has some significantly focused lessons on the sovereignty of God.  The point is to begin with God and have a high view of God before discussing man's free will.  Today the lesson discussed the privileges of man's free will. It was glorious to see light bulbs go off amongst the participating ladies as they saw that the Bible consistently teaches and thoroughly unites what some would consider opposing issues. 

Scripture doesn't hold two truths in opposition to themselves because that would be a house divided (Mt 12:25, Mk 3:25). Man's understanding fully all the ins and outs of how a thing is possible has never been a pre-requisite for God to call it true.  Believing and trusting in Jesus Christ as revealed in God's Word, reaching with a hand of faith to the things we cannot grasp, is the greatest responsibility of anyone who confesses "Jesus is Lord."


  1. "Completely humbling to know that no matter what I do, it's not my work but His. Completely freeing to know that His work is all that matters."

    You've described so well my own thoughts on the humbling privilege of teaching His Word and of relying on His Spirit to bring understanding. What grace to allow us the privilege of participation! My prayer in leading Bible study is much like Moses' in Ex. 33: If Your Presence doesn't go with me, I don't want it! Without Him, it's all in vain.


  2. Utterly humbling, yes, yes. It is not the skill of the teacher, but the patience of the Master who opens the eyes of those students who diligently seek Him. To be present when that occurs is a miraculous privelege. Teaching His Word is the truest of blessings.