Monday, February 5, 2007

Not one but two....

grilled cheese sandwiches got the best of me yesterday.  I burned not one, but two, of them.  I think that somewhere there are grilled cheese trolls remembering the fact that as a child I didn't like grilled cheese sandwiches.  Of course, that's why I would have children who adore grilled cheese sandwiches and request them fairly regularly. 

I didn't intend to burn those sandwiches.  My intention was purely to provide a good and nourishing meal for the boys.  I scraped off the blackened part of one sandwich and folded it in half.  The other sandwich ended up being kind of a molten cheese volcano looking thing, 1/4 bread and 3/4 cheese.  Either grace or really hungry and therefore, forgiving boys were on my side as the appearance of the meal didn't garner any criticism.  Instead there were hearty thanks for the effort and full tummies by the end of the meal.

I wish there was a similar grilled cheese principle in effect for life's efforts that get blackened.  Unfortunately, there is no metaphor here, or at least not one I'm going to try and strain out.  It's just two, not one, burned grilled cheese sandwiches, made by a mom who loves her boys, eaten by boys who love me back, and tomato soup on the side.


  1. Been there! Too many times. Grilled cheese w/tomato soup is my boys' favorite, too. I'm glad they enjoyed it anyway.

  2. Kraft's law of grilled cheese: For every two perfect grilled cheese sandwhiches there must be one which is imperfect. :)

  3. Yes, but did you see a face in the burned grilled cheese sandwich? The world wants to know.

    Not really. I just said that. Love your blog!

  4. I have a post from a few weeks ago, where I "tell on myself". When I was out on my own for the first time, I called my Mom to find out how to MAKE a grilled cheese! Needless to say, I've burnt my share!