Thursday, January 18, 2007

A Trial Run

I've been over at Blogger almost a year, just trying out the blogging thing.  I was facing a summer of not really knowing what to do with myself, hobby-wise, and I had been sniffing the air around a possible blogging hobby.

It all smelled pretty good, although the technical stuff can certainly stinketh when you put the < or the ; in the wrong place! 

Everyday Mommy, a really neat blog designer, who uses and works with Typepad recommended that I sniff the air over here.

So far the thing hasn't imploded.  That is, until Jack Bauer gets wind of things and/or I hit the wrong button.  I'm just saying that it's been known to happen.

Here I am.  In the middle of a free 30 day trial.  Emphasis on free, please.  I want to make sure this works before any moo-lah goes out the door-lah. 

What do you say?  My whole blogging goal is to have complete thoughts, but honestly, until I decide if I'm going to root at Blogger or uproot to Typepad, the pressure of coming up with two complete thoughts in two different blogs...

Imploding, people, imploding!

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