Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Jack is on the list.

Heroes that is. I confess I have a similar fascination with the whole comic book storyline of villains and heroes that NBC has been showing.

This post however, is about WOW! the second night of the 24 premiere!

(Spoilers ahead, please navigate away if you're not interested in or have not yet watched the season premiere. That way, we'll all stay friends!)

I'm much more suitably impressed, than after the first night, seeing that it takes a suitcase nuke to light the fire under Jack's posterity to get him back into action. A man needs motivation, you see! So what's it going to take to get Prez Palmer to actually BE the President?

As regards the Heroes list, Jack has obviously attained cheerleader "heal thyself" status because there is no blood on the back of the tight shirt, and his shoulder bundle of nerves is obviously fully capable of full range motion. Again, the man has a reputation to keep.

For the most part though, the second night was all that I had hoped. Jack back in the saddle of the CTU-mobile telling Chloe, "I need you to do something for me." The whole "wearing comm" thing. I need that type of setup for the house when the future greats are roaming around the yard! The CTUists talking about the probablities of actually having found the terrorist and WMDs. (Is it just me or should they be aware by now that major crises of this sort last approximately 24 hours?)

Anyway, I was saying...Although the night did have its corny moments: the Chloe-Morris-Milo moment, and the fact that a late-20's something wannabe terrorist who has just experienced major blood loss and then scarfed down 12 Percosets is not drooling but still wielding a gun? I mean, really, the writers at 24 have got to work on the whole believability angle, don't you think?

As usual though, the writers have succeeded in hooking many of us into yet another round of world rocking events rivaling Apocalyptic predictions. Stay tuned for what will happen next.

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