Friday, December 29, 2006

The cats might starve...

because we are completely out of dry cat food. I've told them they will just have to live on their *ample* fat reserves--that or eat Christmas cookies.

I could go to the grocery store and buy more cat food, but I am alone at my house. The great man, really great I'm thinking right about now, took the 3 future greats to the "property" for a fun day of four wheeler riding, hiking, target shooting & just general "I'm all boy" moments with their cousins and uncle. Woo Hoo! I believe is the proper response.

So I'm home alone--working on some studies, reading some books, taking down some Christmas decorations, thinking about seeing a movie--all by myself. Woo Hoo! again.

The idea of going out just to buy cat food, well, it's not on the top 10 list for things to do today.

Ergo, the cats just might starve.

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