Monday, April 20, 2015

I don't like coming up with titles...

so I'll just jump right in and say, Whew! I'm tired. Monday has had its way with me all before noon. And truthfully, I probably shouldn't be blogging right now, but I'm using these words as a bridge to clear my mind so I can get back to doing the things that are making my Monday list ree-dic-you-liss!

My mind gets scattered when my people are scattered. And that's been happening since Friday so we are all fortunate that today I didn't literally wake up in the bits and pieces that I feel like I actually am. Nate, my oldest, has been with his dad since Friday on college visits. Dealing with that mentally and emotionally is a whole 'nother business and blog post. Matthew, second son, had the ACT this weekend while Samuel, youngest, and I had a day trip to Atlanta.

Everyone is exactly where they should be and doing what they should be doing, but I "feel" out of sorts for all the goings on. Years ago when Jim and I made the decision to leave the rat race and bow out of several of the "things" that life tells you to do to be successful, happy, blah, blah, blah... we encountered a tremendous measure of peace for being counter-cultural.

However, there is busy even in counter-cultural. And there are still pressures of things that must be done. This weekend was one of those times and I'm looking for a mountain cave to hole up in and wait till some of "THIS" just passes.

Unfortunately, responsibility to get the "THIS" done so that it will pass falls in large part to me and how I handle the "have to's."

So, today is about taking Monday by its devilish horns and working through the list one tic at a time. Temptation to turn on Netflix is high. Temptation to be impatient is ultra high. Temptation to do everything but what I should be doing is, well, right here.

Obedience apart from feelings happens not only in the crises of life but right here in the mundane what must be done moments of life.

Pep talk to self over. Hoping that your Monday to do's are accomplished as well.

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