Friday, January 18, 2013

I wish overalls would come back....

and then I wish my boys would wear them again.

When Nate and Matthew were little, I dressed them in overalls almost every day. Since about 18 months old, Nate had declared overalls as his favorite outfit because he loved the pockets. And you never knew what you were going to find in those pockets.

Overalls were an easy outfit to dress him in and quickly I realized a key benefit--whenever he was headed into danger or trouble or some combination of both, I could easily grab the back of his overalls and haul him out of it.

When Matthew came along, the propensity for running into danger and trouble and trouble and danger doubled, so it was overalls for both. Twice the running and twice the hauling. I should have really toned arms. "Should."

Now they are teens, big teens, and even if they wore overalls, there is no way this mom could haul them away from danger and trouble. Instead I have to use my words to plead, entreat, rebuke, admonish, instruct, counsel, and guide. Daily I recognize the inadequacy of my words. No matter how many or how few, my words are not persuasive enough to change their hearts.

And the dangers and troubles as teens are multiplied. Not only because of their age but because of these times. The heart of man bearing the propensity to seek out self and all of self's idols is not swayed by man's words.

So daily I look to His Words. His words that are living and true and powerful. His Words that convict and instruct and reprove and renew. His Words that are perfect and holy and just. His Words that convert the soul. His Words that transform hearts. Only His Words can do the impossible. Not only in changing my own heart and mind but to change their hearts and minds too.  

Overalls were easier, but not eternally lasting. Even if the boys hadn't outgrown them, they would have worn them out. But God's Words never wear out or lose strength or grow old. So my prayer remains that my sons would heed God's Words, finding life and light in them.


  1. osh kosh days were easier. I'm really happy we lived through the late teens and 20's. Now I can look back and thank God for bringing us all through, especially son #2!