Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Blueberries and birthdays....

Today I turn 43. I'm not afraid of my age. I believe age should be the crown of glory that the Lord intends for it to be. Of course, that means you had better wear it well, in His grace, and always, always, always, superintended by His Word.

My years have shown both the failures and the fruit of such a goal. When I turned 40 I told a friend that I was going to take my Mimi's admonition to say what needed to be said and drop all the pretense that binds us. Her husband hearing the remark said, "And this decision is different, how?" Apparently my reputation for saying what's on my mind preceded the turning 40 landmark.

One year while we were in the hospital with James I thought I was two years older than I really was. That's a bit scary. Husband finally corrected me when he heard me tell someone I was 27 but I was only 25. Hospital time does age you.

This morning I woke the boys up at about 7:00 and asked them if they would go pick blueberries with me. The older two said yes right away. The Chairman said, "No, thank you. I'll stay home."

But the blueberries beckoned. It was a real present to have my guys there with me picking. I love blueberries if you can't tell. We came home with 16 pounds in less than an hour. We also picked 3 lbs of blackberries, 3 lbs of squash, and were gifted 3 green tomatoes.

It's storming most of the day so it looks like it will be a great day for baking--cobblers, squash casserole, fried green tomatoes. Yummy! Happy Birthday to me.


  1. A very merry Happy Birthday to you, Elle! I thank God for you!

  2. Happy birthday to you you young thing!

  3. Happy, happy birthday, friend! We are now the same age, for a few months at least... :)